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Council Family of the Month

March 2020: Stu & Dolores Ahrens Family

When Stu was getting his PhD in Nuclear Physics at the University of Wyoming, he met Dolores. Her boss at UW helped Stu get a teaching job at A&T. Stu taught there for 30 years and loved every minute of it.

Stuart & Dolores Ahrens were married in 1967 and recently celebrated their Fiftieth Anniversary. They have two children and four grandchildren. After 20 years of marriage, Dolores helped Stu convert to Catholicism, the “best thing” he ever did, according to Stu.

Stu received his Knights of Columbus Admission (1st) Degree on November 16, 1999, when he joined Council 11101. He received his Formation and Knighthood (2nd & 3rd) Degrees on August 25, 2001. Stu became a Sir Knight, completing his Patriot (4th) Degree on April 24, 2010 and joined Fr. Francis Connolly Assembly 3253 at St Pius X.

Over the years Stu and Dolores have been active at many Council, Church and Community activities:
Stu was most active in the Knights of Columbus as Pancake Breakfast Director. Dolores and Stu always worked well together at the KofC monthly Pancake Breakfasts. Monsignor valued the Parish Breakfasts because he got to meet all of our new Parish families, who got free tickets to the breakfasts. The KofC Breakfasts were a great opportunity for our Council and Parish to socialize and build community spirit, and a great recruiting tool for our Council. In those days we easily made our annual Council membership goals, largely because of the Pancake Breakfasts.

Dolores has been a 27 year volunteer & 12 year coordinator volunteer for Meals On Wheels, a part of Senior Resources of Guilford County. Their clients are physically and socially isolated homebound seniors.

Stu joined Dolores when he retired. Now, they are the sole coordinators for SPX Mobile Meals Team. They each spend 4-5 days a month preparing their Team of 40 permanent SPX volunteers and 35 temp SPX volunteers. They and their Team drive 20 Greensboro routes and deliver 300 meals, on the first Monday of every month. Ninety percent of their routes are in Greensboro, with about 10 % out in Guilford County.

Their delivery work begins at the new location for Senior Resources of Guilford County, 1401 Benjamin Parkway, just past where Bryan Blvd. splits off from Benjamin Parkway. Golden Corral provides one hot and one cold meal for each Meals On Wheels client.

As the sole coordinators of the SPX Team, they call all volunteers to make sure they are available for their scheduled deliveries. Stu and Dolores most value their personal relationships with volunteers and interactive conversations with their clients of homebound seniors, as the most critical element of bringing compassion to these physically and socially isolated people. Often their volunteers are First Responders. They have many stories of calling 911 to get emergency care to these lonely people. Stu and Dolores have one Client who likes to remind them, they saved her life.

If you are interested in helping, call Stu at (336) 202-0921 or 272-2824.

As you can see, Stu and Dolores are a very involved family, who provide Council leadership and service through their perpetual charity.

Stu and Dolores are the March Knights of Columbus, "Family of the Month.”

Congratulations Stu and Dolores!


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March 2020 : Ron Schmidt